Well, coulda fooled me. It sure hasn’t been very spring like so far!

Remember to invite your friends out to our open house on April 7th. We are down to a handful of sites so, if you know someone who wants to join us for a season full of fun and memories, bring them along. Remember April 7th, noon to 4pm or so. We will have lunch and beverages. Also, Amy Gorden our new team leader will be here for everyone to meet. We have been asked if we will allow traffic back into the campground. As of now there is a slim chance you will be able to drive back as far as the pool area. Unfortunately we still have a lot of snow here and if the extended forecast holds true, it will not be conducive to a massive snow melt by  then.

Cindy, along with activities co-directors Pam and Lori, picked out our new line of clothing this past week. It is scheduled to start arriving by the season opener.

Season Opener: Our plan is to open the last weekend in April. Mother Nature may have other ideas. We will have to play it by ear for now. With the slow melt, the river is behaving itself so no worries there.

We sincerely hope everyone has a great Easter Holiday! All of us are so looking forward to seeing our Timberline family at the open house!

Vern, Cindy and Amy