Howdy, howdy Timberline family! The pond is frozen like a pane of glass. I sure am tempted to lace up some skates, grab my hockey stick,  a puck and have some fun. Beautiful day today at Timberline. There were some stiff winds this past week but everything in the park is just fine.

Cindy and I took a quick trip to sunny Florida (well not so sunny when we were there) over Thanksgiving. We enjoyed our short time there   like 6 months to short, and had our Thanksgiving dinner with cousins and friends outdoors. It was a nice getaway.

Now, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been hard at work behind the scenes. Tonight we are meeting with Pam and Lori and are excited to find out what they have come up with for our 2018 event calendar! We want to get the events finalized by the first of the year. Bob and I met briefly to discuss plans going forward into 2018. We will be meeting with Amy in a few weeks as she prepares to take on her new responsibilities with the park.

We will also plan an open house either the Saturday before Easter or the Saturday after. Last year we had a fantastic turnout and it was a great time!

Long time Timberline staff member Sharon Miller will be under going  hip replacement surgery in a few weeks. We wish her the best and pray for her speedy recovery. To bad it isn’t “Timby” award season. Gary and Sharon Miller, took a trip to the automatic car wash. Normally the outside of the car comes out sparkling clean. Well Gary must have wanted to get his moneys’ worth because not only did the outside of the car get cleaned, the inside also got washed, and, Gary and Sharon also got their shower for the day. Yep, Gary had the back windows down! I wonder if he purchased the liquid wax and spot free rinse package? His forehead did look pretty shiny.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Now it’s time to gear up for the Christmas season!

Vern and Cindy