Labor Day weekend turned out to be another fantastic weekend. Both the Prom and the Mud Run were huge hits!!

Our next and final event of the year will be Saturday September 16th, 6:00 pm at the Rec. Hall. It is our annual End of the Year Potluck and “Timby” awards banquet. Who will win the coveted award this year? Whose name(s) and actions will be ridiculed and their story embellished by yours truly? It is a fun and also delectable affair. Please bring a dish to share. Timberline will furnish the plates and utensils. Don’t miss out on this one.

Reminders: Sign up for boat and golf cart storage in the office by September 15th. We have very limited space. Last years renters will have priority. We do not store ATV’s.

If you have a picnic table you don’t want or are not using let us know or move the table to the front of your site and we will pick it up.

Contracts will be available Saturday, September 9th. Everyone will be required to fill out a new information sheet and also sign off on the 2018 Park Rules and Camping Etiquette form.

Everyone with golf carts will be required to sign a new golf cart contract in the spring. A major change will be, as of  the new 2018 season, any new/used golf carts coming into the park must be electric. Your gas carts will be grandfathered in, but your gas cart may not remain in the park if you decide to sell it.

2018 site deposits will be due by September 30th. Sunday October 1st is the last day of the season.

Final electric payments are due your last day of camping.

If you are not planning to return next season, please let us now as soon as possible. We have a waiting list of new people wanting to join the Timberline family. If you are leaving you must be off your site September 30th and your site completely cleaned up. You will be billed $200 if we have to clean up the site. Please contact management to inspect the site before you leave. Thank you.

Well it looks like the sun is going to shine this weekend so travel safe and we are looking forward to another great weekend.


Cindy and Vern